Welcome To PGSD

Welcome to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, we’re SO excited you’re here!

Step 1 – Watch The Welcome Video

The welcome video will introduce you to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done and The Full-Time Formula, tell you how to make the most of your investment and help you get started…

Step 2 – Start Building Your Business With The Full-Time Formula

Woohoo – you’re ready to get started!

The Full-Time Formula is a PGSD new series to help you build your coaching business without getting laughed at and Ill be teaching one lesson from the Full-Time Formula live every week. 

Here’s the Full-Time Formula schedule:

Each lesson will be taught live via our PGSD Zoom linkhttps://zoom.us/j/409796220 and you can add these calls to your calendar by visiting the Calls page.

Although I’ll be teaching the Full-Time Formula live across 5 weeks, it’s yours to complete at your own pace.

Each week will have a 90 minute lesson and a workbook that’ll take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.

The replay recordings of each live lesson will be uploaded to the Full-Time Formula course inside PGSD so you can work through them when you’re ready. There is no behind!

And if you have any questions about PGSD, be sure to post your question in the PGSD Community or reach out to us at support@samlaurabrown.com. We’re here to help!

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