Welcome To PGSD + Your Bonus

Welcome to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, we’re SO excited you’re here!

Step 1 – Watch The Welcome Video

The welcome video will introduce you to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, tell you how to make the most of your investment and help you get started…

Step 2 – Add Your Bonus To Your PGSD Dashboard

It’s time to add your bonus to your PGSD Dashboard so you can find it easily.

Instructions: Click ‘view now’ and then select the star icon at the bottom of the page for your bonus. It should look like this:

This will make your bonus appear in the ‘favourites’ section on your PGSD Dashboard. As it is a special bonus, it can’t be found anywhere else on the PGSD website. So make sure you quickly favourite it now!


Step 3 – Start The Productive Perfectionist Blueprint

Woohoo – you’re ready to get started! 

The Productive Perfectionist Blueprint is a series of lessons inside PGSD that will help you overcome perfectionism and triple your productivity without burning out.

Note: You can find these lessons at any time by navigating to the ‘Blueprint’ tab inside PGSD.

While you can use the resources inside PGSD in any way you’d like, I recommend that you begin by working through the lessons in the Productive Perfectionist Blueprint so you can set yourself up for success and stay out of overwhelm!

And if you have any questions about PGSD, be sure to post your question in the PGSD Community or reach out to us at support@samlaurabrown.com. We’re here to help!

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