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Does any of this sound familiar?

Scared to get your first paying client. Even though you’re a natural when it comes to coaching, you’re not certified yet and the thought of getting your first paying client makes your palms sweat (as excited as you’d be).

Perfectionism is slowing you down. Overthinking, burnout, procrastination… you’re all-or-nothing when it comes to building your business and it’s making it hard to get your coaching business off the ground and put yourself out there.

Don’t know how to find clients. Finding clients feels like a complete mystery to you and you’re worried you’ll scare clients away with your prices (plus you have no idea how to charge for coaching without feeling like a fraud).

Dreaming about becoming a coach for years. You’ve been toying with the idea of coaching for a while but you can never seem to make real progress, no matter how many ‘find your niche’ exercises you do.

Worried you won’t follow through. You’ve stop-started on so many big dreams and ideas before that you’re worried your coaching business will be the same.

If you’re nodding your head, you’re in the right place!

Imagine if you could…

Introducing The Full-Time Formula

The only thing that’s standing between you and a full-time coaching business is your perfectionist mindset.

Not everyone can overcome perfectionism, but the fact you’re reading this means that YOU can… and now is the perfect time to get started.

The Full-Time Formula is your proven step-by-step roadmap to overcoming perfectionism and building a full-time coaching business from scratch in 3 easy steps.



Become a confident coach (even if you’re not certified) and learn the most effective tools to overcome perfectionism in business.



Create an offer that sells itself, get fully booked without burning out and price your services without feeling like a fraud.



Learn everything you need to know about making the leap into full-time business so you don’t have to sheepishly return to work.

You’ll get instant access to the Full-Time Formula when you become a member of Perfectionist Getting Shit Done…

$333 USD per month for 12 months

One payment of $3,330 USD

As featured in:

Perfectionism nearly stopped me from building the
$324,000/year coaching business I have today…

In June 2016, I started planning on becoming a coach.

Fast forward to June 2018 and I still hadn’t started my coaching business. 

It was all thanks to perfectionism…

I was waiting for the perfect niche, waiting to have perfect answers for my clients and waiting to be perfectly qualified.

I was scared no one would sign up AND I was scared people would sign up and I wouldn’t be able to help them.

And when I did get inspired to build my coaching business, it never lasted long… 

I was all-or-nothing, I second-guessed myself like crazy and burnout was a familiar friend.

Until one day I realised that my clients didn’t even want me to be perfect and I didn’t need to be certified before I could start helping people.

I started using what I now call the Full-Time Formula and everything changed.

I signed my first paying client within a few weeks, got fully booked within 6 months and comfortably went full-time in my coaching business less than one year later.

Today, my coaching business makes $324,000 per year and I’m helping thousands of new coaches overcome perfectionism all around the world (and I’m still not certified yet).

If I could overcome crippling imposter syndrome and self-doubt (hello again perfectionism) to build a successful coaching business, you can do it too.

$333 USD per month for 12 months

One payment of $3,330 USD

So, what’s included when you join PGSD?

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Full Time Formula


Overcome perfectionism and build a full-time coaching business from scratch.

Value: $1,999


Get unstuck with live coaching calls that accommodate every timezone (6+ per month).

Value: $9,999

Triple Your Productivity - Ipad Mockup - Community Support


Make lifelong friendships with new coaches who are on the same journey as you.

Value: $4,999

PGSD - Iphone Graphic - Private Podcast


Stay inspired on the go with access to all coaching call replay recordings via our private podcast.

Value: $9,999

but that's not all...

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - The Organised Coach Checklist

Bonus 1:

The Organised Coach Checklist

Easy answers on everything from client contracts to invoicing.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Foolproof Pricing Formula

Bonus 2:

Foolproof Pricing Formula

Kiss guesswork goodbye and confidently price your services.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Full-Time Coach Calculator

Bonus 3:

Full-Time Coach Calculator

Easily calculate how much you need to make to go full-time (tax included).

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Fully Booked Checklist

Bonus 4:

Fully Booked Checklist

Know what fully booked looks like so you don’t take on too many clients.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Sales Page Template

Bonus 5:

Simple Sales Page Template

Create a sales page that will make your offer sell itself without being slimy.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Email Templates

Bonus 6:

Email Template Library For Coaches

Confidently respond to any enquiry without staring at a blinking cursor.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphics - Professional Email Address (1)

Bonus 7:

Create A Professional Email Address

Look professional with this easy step-by-step tutorial to create a custom email address for your website.

Value: $99

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Power Planning Method

Bonus 8:

Power Planning Method

Stay organised with a beautiful colour-coded calendar you can actually stick to.

Value: $1,999

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Dream Habit

Bonus 9:

Dream Habit

Create consistent success habits without falling off the wagon (no willpower required).

Value: $499

You’ll get instant access to everything when you join Perfectionists Getting Shit Done…

$333 USD per month for 12 months

One payment of $3,330 USD

And don’t miss these fast action bonuses, disappearing soon…

Fast Action Bonus 1:

My First 10 Coaching Clients

Finding clients doesn’t have to be hard! Your first 10 coaching clients will have money in your bank account before you know it with this bonus training

No ads and no slimy sales tactics – just feel-good sales psychology and a simple strategy that works.

Triple Your Productivity - Colour-Coded Calendar Laptop Mockup (1)
Fast Action Bonus 2:

My Colour-Coded Calendar System

Get an exclusive walkthrough of the colour-coded calendar I use to run my multiple six-figure business without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing my health.

Find out how I prioritise my tasks, manage my team, make time to keep my relationships strong and more – without working myself into the ground

$333 USD per month for 12 months

One payment of $3,330 USD

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Build your full-time coaching business

Follow the Full-Time Formula to book your first paying client in no time, even as an uncertified coach.

$333 USD per month for 12 months

One payment of $3,330 USD

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Meet your mentor

My name is Sam Laura Brown – I’m the founder of Perfectionists Getting Shit Done and host of the top-rated personal development podcast, The Perfectionism Project.

Now that I’ve built a multiple six-figure coaching business, I teach new coaches like YOU how to overcome perfectionism and build a full-time coaching business

Learn more about the Full-Time Formula & PGSD...

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Questions you might have

If you don’t overcome perfectionism, there’s no business strategy that will help you build a full-time coaching business (because perfectionism will stop you from executing it).

The Full-Time Formula contains a mixture of mindset advice and business strategy BUT the biggest things we’re focused on is helping you get out of your own way and follow through with your plans (i.e. actually do the things you know you need to do).

The Full-Time Formula is inside Perfectionists Getting Shit Done.

To sign up for the Full-Time Formula, click the ‘sign up now’ button and enter your payment details in less than 2 minutes with our fast and easy checkout system.

Perfectionists aren’t perfect people – perfectionists are people who feel ashamed they’re not perfect! Here are some signs you might be a perfectionist:

– You procrastinate even though you hate being unproductive.
– You can’t stay motivated to work towards your goals.
– You never feel good enough no matter what you achieve.
– You struggle to stay consistent despite your best intentions.
– You’re scared of judgement and hold yourself back.
– You lack self-confidence even though you’ve got potential.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone and you’re in *exactly* the right place.

The investment for Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, which includes complete access to the Full-Time Formula, is one payment of $3,330 USD per year (2 months free!) or $333 USD per month for 12 months.

Yes, your membership to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, which includes complete access to the Full-Time Formula, will auto-renew each year. To cancel your auto-renew, email at any time. You will have complete access to PGSD until the end of the 12 month period you have paid for.

Your subscription to PGSD will automatically renew every 12 months. To cancel your auto-renew, email at any time. You will have complete access to PGSD until the end of the 12 month period you have paid for.

You can pay in your local currency via debit card, credit card or Paypal. The investment for Perfectionists Getting Shit Done is in US Dollars.

Email our team at – we’d love to answer any questions you have.

Overcome perfectionism & build a full-time coaching business…

$333 USD per month for 12 months

One payment of $3,330 USD