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Perfectionists Getting Shit Done

Do you procrastinate even though you hate being unproductive? Do you feel inadequate no matter what you achieve?

Perfectionists Getting Shit Done is your secret weapon to beat procrastination, overcome perfectionism and become your best self.

With instant access to our supportive community and ever-growing library of personal development tools – it’s never been easier to kiss procrastination goodbye.

$49 USD per month, cancel anytime

What our members are saying

  • “With the help of PGSD, I’ve accomplished more in the last two months than I have in the previous two years together. Honestly.”

  • “I love having a community of like-minded women I can build relationships with, knowing we’re all going through the same things, and that asking questions and being vulnerable is encouraged. I love the ability to access the membership content when it works best for me and having the live coaching sessions is an absolute bonus.”

  • “Everything I’ve accomplished so far wouldn’t have been possible without the membership. It consolidates the learning process and the member’s forum provides real golden nuggets. I mean, the membership is cheap!”

  • “I’m absolutely obsessed with PGSD and so grateful to be part of this community! I love the masterclasses and have had quite a few aha moments when watching other members get coached.”

  • “I am loving the membership! I love the supportive community, regular new content and practical tips.”

  • “I joined PGSD because I wanted support from others in my journey and help getting out of my own way. I know I can always depend on encouragement and guidance from the girls in the community. It’s great!”

  • “PGSD has been a great source of encouragement and support, especially seeing others get coached.”

  • “I love the practicality of everything. I have seen more changes in my life since implementing the activities than ever before.”

  • “I haven’t been available to attend the live calls so I love that watching the replay makes me feel like I am there live and that the community forum is always there for help and guidance. I especially love the journaling exercises and workbooks to refer to whenever we need.”

  • “I am so happy with the membership! I love that I can get help quickly on demand.”

  • “Even though I am budgeting for my wedding, PGSD is something I’m not willing to cut. I have already gotten further on my goal than I ever have before, even though it’s something I’ve attempted several times in the past.”

  • “I’m so glad to be a part of PGSD. The sense of community helps me feel less lonely.”


Beat Procrastination

Escape the vicious cycle of overwhelm, procrastination and guilt.


Overcome Perfectionism

Get out of your own way and learn to trust yourself again.


Become Your Best Self

Achieve your goals and create the success you deserve.

What's included

The tools you need to become your best self.

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Become your best self with practical masterclasses, courses and workbooks.


Live coaching calls

Have breakthroughs when you get coached by Sam live and watch others get coached too.


Live Q&A calls

Get unstuck with Sam’s monthly Q&A sessions and personalised advice.


Learn on the go

Learn at your own pace with replay recordings and easy mobile access to all content.

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Community forum

Never feel alone as you share your journey and get support from our global community.


Journaling exercises

Improve your self-awareness with our journaling exercises and prompts.


Guided meditation

Feel centred with our guided meditation designed especially for perfectionists.


Instant access

Start today with instant access to everything our community has to offer, all in one place.

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Meet your mentor

I’m Sam Laura Brown – founder of the Perfectionists Getting Shit Done community and host of the top-rated podcast, The Perfectionism Project.

Over the last six years, I’ve coached and supported thousands of women on their journeys to beat procrastination, overcome perfectionism and become their best self.

With more women joining every day, our Perfectionists Getting Shit Done community is an incredible source of support, knowledge and encouragement for your personal development journey. Become part of our community today!



Instant access to our ever-growing library of coaching calls, masterclasses, meditations and more.



Share your journey and get support from our global community of recovering perfectionists.



Create the confidence and success you deserve – it’s time to reach your full potential.

Frequently asked questions

Perfectionists Getting Shit Done will help you beat procrastination, overcome perfectionism and become your best self. 

When you join our membership community, you’ll get instant access to an ever-growing library of live Q&A calls, live coaching calls, masterclasses, courses, journaling exercises, journaling prompts, meditations, book recommendations and more. 

You’ll also get instant access to our community forum, where you can share your journey, ask questions and feel supported by our global community of recovering perfectionists.

You’ll have unlimited access to everything while you’re a member of our community and can cancel your monthly membership subscription at any time.

Perfectionists aren’t perfect people – perfectionists are people who feel ashamed they’re not perfect! Here are some signs you might be a perfectionist:

– You procrastinate even though you hate being unproductive.
– You can’t stay motivated to work towards your goals.
– You never feel good enough no matter what you achieve.
– You struggle to stay consistent despite your best intentions.
– You’re scared of judgement and hold yourself back.
– You lack self-confidence even though you’ve got potential.

If you can relate to this, you’re not alone! In Perfectionists Getting Shit Done you’ll learn exactly how to beat procrastination, overcome perfectionism and become your best self – and you’ll be supported by our community every step of the way.

Still not sure? Listen to my podcast episode on 10 Signs You’re A Perfectionist.

No! There’s no Facebook group for this membership. Our community forum lives on our website. You don’t need a social media account of any kind to fully participate in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done.

Perfectionists Getting Shit Done is designed to take the overwhelm out of personal development. With a wide range of content to choose from, you can improve your life in as little as 30 minutes per month.

Yes! If you don’t have a desktop or simply prefer not to use it, you’ll be able to get the complete Perfectionists Getting Shit Done experience from your phone!

Thanks to our intuitive mobile-friendly website, you can listen to masterclasses and coaching calls like they’re podcast episodes, do a journaling exercise on your lunch break and become your best self on the go.

There’s no need to worry, Perfectionists Getting Shit Done is self-paced! There is no behind.

Being part of our community is only $49 USD per month. You can easily cancel your monthly membership subscription at any time.

You can pay in your local currency via debit card, credit card or Paypal. The investment for Perfectionists Getting Shit Done is $49 USD per month and you can cancel at anytime.

You can easily cancel your monthly membership subscription at any time, no questions asked. Simply contact

Email our team at – we’d love to help!

Join us in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done

$49 USD per month, cancel anytime

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