Once you’ve worked through the Productive Perfectionist Blueprint and Full-Time Formula, you can use the PGSD Bonuses to further the specific work that comes up for you if you wish.

Remember, these resources are bonuses. That means they’re completely optional and you don’t need to do them all. 

In fact, the best use of your time will likely be to revisit the lessons learned in both the Productive Perfectionist Blueprint and Full-Time Formula – and get coaching and support as needed – as you show up for your Impossible Goal.

Reviews + Reflections

When you’re in the perfectionist mindset, it’s easy to focus on what didn’t work rather than what did – and that doesn’t help you to grow. Plus if you don’t take the lessons from your ‘failures’ they’ll just keep repeating until you do.

Completing the Weekly Review Journaling Prompts at the end of each week is the quickest and easiest way to get into a groove with Power Planning

Completing the Impossible Goal Quarterly Review after each quarterly milestone deadline (regardless of whether or not you achieved your milestone) will help you keep courageously moving forward.

Completing the Year In Review Journaling Exercise after your Impossible Goal deadline (regardless of whether or not you achieved your Impossible Goal) will help you appreciate just how much you’ve grown – even when it doesn’t feel like you did.

Journaling Exercises

Sometimes it just takes one journaling exercise to get you unstuck.

If you’re questioning whether you should change your Impossible Goal, complete the Should You Change Your Goal Workbook.

If you’re struggling to make a decision (big or small) or unsure why you’re getting in your own way, complete the Fear-Setting Journaling Exercise.

If you’re unsure of what to focus on and prioritize, completing the Ideal Day Journaling Exercise will help.


Listening to a 10-minute meditation is an easy way to program your subconscious mind for success. You can do this as a once off, listen whenever you need a boost or make it part of your routine.

The Growth Mindset Meditation will help you create a growth mindset and get out of your own way more easily.

The Money Mindset Meditation will help you create an abundant money mindset and grow your coaching business more easily than ever before.

The Cure Procrastination Meditation will help you to stop procrastination in its tracks and follow through with your plans consistently.

Note: These meditations are available on the PGSD Private Podcast.

Coaching Business Bonuses

These bonuses will help you implement what you’ve learned about building your coaching business from the Full-Time Formula.

The Organised Coach Checklist will help you make sure your coaching business is ticking all the boxes when it comes to tasks like calendaring calls, client contracts and getting paid by international clients.

The Foolproof Pricing Formula will help you price your services and the Simple Sales Page Template will help you clarify your messaging and sell your services with ease.

The Fully Booked Workbook will help you determine what fully booked looks like for you and the Full-Time Coach Calculator will help you calculate exactly how much you need to make as a coach to comfortably go full-time.

The Email Template Library For Coaches will keep you from ghosting potential clients or offering unnecessary discounts and the Create A Professional Email Address tutorial will help you feel like you have a legitimate business.


Doing the work to stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business can bring up other areas of your mindset that need attention.

Dream Habit is a habit course that will help you work with your perfectionist mindset to create consistent habits like waking up on your alarm and eating healthy.

Make More Money is a money mindset course that will help you release your money blocks and confidently sell your services without feeling salesy.

Start Getting Organised is a course that will help you to get your life organised, so you can stop feeling as though you’re always cleaning up the messes that your past self has created.


Looking for something to get you back on track and keep you motivated? These challenges will make working towards your Impossible Goal more fun.

The Six Week Makeover Your Mindset Challenge is a 15 minute per day journaling-based challenge that will help you become your most productive self.

The 30-Day Stop Overthinking Challenge is a 10 minute per day journaling-based challenge that will help you stop overthinking and get out of your own way.

The 30-Day Beat Procrastination Challenge is a daily action-based challenge that will help you beat procrastination on daily tasks.


Make the most of every personal development book you read by watching the lesson on How To Read Personal Development Books.

Looking for a personal development, business or fiction book to read? Check out the Book Recommendations From The PGSD Community.

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