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12 payments of $333 USD

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re getting in your own way. You know you have potential as a coach but your perfectionist mindset is making it hard to grow your coaching business as quickly as you want.

You keep falling off the wagon. You’re either doing everything perfectly or you’re not doing anything at all, no matter how determined you are that “this time will be different”.

You’re always getting your ducks in a row. You spend most of your time trying to appear more professional (hello business cards and beautiful website) so you can make the perfect first impression, but this means the most important things aren’t getting done.

You have imposter syndrome. Even though you know deep down that you were put on this earth to help people, you never feel good enough and struggle to believe the kind things your clients say about you in testimonials.

If you’re nodding your head, you’re in the right place!

Imagine if you could…

Introducing Perfectionists Getting Shit Done...

Your coaching business isn’t growing as fast as you want because your perfectionist mindset is unknowingly working against you…

To build a successful coaching business, you just need to learn how to get your perfectionist mindset on your side.

And it’s easy if you have the right guidance!

Perfectionists Getting Shit Done will give you the content, coaching and community you need to stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business for good..



Learn how to plan your goals and time in a way that makes your perfectionist mindset work FOR you, instead of against you.



Stop overwhelm, procrastination and burnout in their tracks so you can be your most productive self with ease.



Build the self-trust and self-confidence you need to follow through with your big plans and ideas consistently.

You’ll get instant access to everything Perfectionists Getting Shit Done has to offer as soon as you sign up.

12 payments of $333 USD

One payment of $3,330 USD

As featured in:

Perfectionism nearly stopped me from building the
multiple six figure coaching business I have today…

In June 2016, I started planning on becoming a coach.

Fast forward to June 2018 and I still hadn’t started my coaching business. 

It was all thanks to perfectionism…

I was trying to do ALL the things and then falling off the wagon no matter how hard I tried.

I was overthinking, procrastinating, feeling ashamed that I wasn’t reaching my potential and burning out.

Until one day I realised it wasn’t me that was the problem, I just had to learn how to make my perfectionist mindset work FOR me instead of against me. 

I learned how to get my perfectionist mindset on my side and everything started to change…

I launched my coaching services and signed my first paying client within weeks.

I was fully booked with a waitlist within 6 months and comfortably went full-time in my coaching business less than one year later.

Today, my coaching business makes multiple six figures, my podcast has 1M+ downloads and I’m helping thousands of coaches to consistently show up in their coaching business.

If I could overcome crippling imposter syndrome and self-doubt (hello again perfectionism) to build a successful coaching business, you can do it too.

12 payments of $333 USD

One payment of $3,330 USD

So, what’s included when you join PGSD?

Here’s just some of what you’ll get…

Full-Time Formula Normal Sales Page All In One Expanded (No Bonus)


Stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business with the PGSD Process: Planning, Productivity and Persistence.

live call in zoom 1 on laptop


Get back on track with the live coaching calls that accommodate every timezone (6+ per month).

Triple Your Productivity - Ipad Mockup - Community Support


Make lifelong friendships with coaches who are learning how to stop falling off the wagon too (you’re not alone)

PGSD - Iphone Graphic - Private Podcast


Stay inspired on the go with access to all coaching call replay recordings via our private podcast.

You’ll get instant access to everything when you join Perfectionists Getting Shit Done…

12 payments of $333 USD

One payment of $3,330 USD

You’ll also get these incredible bonuses too...

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Power Planning Method

Bonus 1:

Power Planning Method

Stay organised with a beautiful colour-coded calendar you can actually stick to.

Value: $1,999

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Dream Habit

Bonus 2:

Dream Habit

Create consistent success habits without falling off the wagon (no willpower required).

Value: $499

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - The Organised Coach Checklist

Bonus 3:

The Organised Coach Checklist

Easy answers on everything from client contracts to invoicing.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Foolproof Pricing Formula

Bonus 4:

Foolproof Pricing Formula

Kiss guesswork goodbye and confidently price your services.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Full-Time Coach Calculator

Bonus 5:

Full-Time Coach Calculator

Easily calculate how much you need to make to go full-time (tax included).

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Fully Booked Checklist

Bonus 6:

Fully Booked Checklist

Know what fully booked looks like so you don’t take on too many clients.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Sales Page Template

Bonus 7:

Simple Sales Page Template

Create a sales page that will make your offer sell itself without being slimy.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Email Templates

Bonus 8:

Email Template Library For Coaches

Confidently respond to any enquiry without staring at a blinking cursor.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphics - Professional Email Address (1)

Bonus 9:

Create A Professional Email Address

Look professional with this easy step-by-step tutorial to create a custom email address for your website.

Value: $99

You’ll get instant access to everything when you join Perfectionists Getting Shit Done…

12 payments of $333 USD

One payment of $3,330 USD

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Start making your perfectionist mindset work for you so you can build your successful coaching business today, with instant access to everything you need.



Follow the PGSD Process so that you can finally stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business, and become the coach you know you can be.

12 payments of $333 USD

One payment of $3,330 USD

Here’s what others are saying about PGSD...

28 august - 5

Meet your mentor

My name is Sam Laura Brown – I’m the founder of Perfectionists Getting Shit Done and host of the top-rated personal development podcast, The Perfectionism Project.

Now that I’ve built a multiple six-figure coaching business, I help coaches get their perfectionist mindset working FOR them, instead of against them so they can stop falling off the wagon.

Learn more about the Full-Time Formula & PGSD...

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Questions you might have

PGSD will help you stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business for good if…

  • You have a LONG history of falling off the wagon, no matter how determined you are that “this time will be different”.
  • You *know* you’d be further along in your business if it weren’t for procrastination, overwhelm and burnout.
  • You’re ready to release the perfectionism handbrake that’s been making you spin your wheels so you can reach your full potential without burning out.

That was me in 2018 (and I’m still not certified today).

PGSD will help you stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business regardless of whether you’re a certified coach or not.

I’m just going to quickly call this out since perfectionists are *always* waiting for the perfect time to start…

Some questions to ask yourself: How much is it costing me to keep falling off the wagon? And if I don’t learn how to stop falling off the wagon now, what will my life and business look like one year from now?

If you struggle to follow through with your plans when you haven’t got something or someone to hold you accountable – PGSD will motivate you to see it through.

PGSD is for perfectionists who only have a few hours per week to build their coaching business because they’re balancing a full-time job, social life (even as an introvert), their relationship and health goals too.

The investment for Perfectionists Getting Shit Done is one payment of $3,330 USD (save $666 USD) or 12 payments of $333 USD.

You can pay in your local currency via debit card, credit card or Paypal.

Email our team at – we’d love to answer any questions you have.

Stop falling off the wagon with your coaching business

12 payments of $333 USD

One payment of $3,330 USD

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