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The doors to PGSD open again in January 2022

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Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Power Planning Method

Bonus 1:

Power Planning Method

Stay organised with a beautiful colour-coded calendar you can actually stick to.

Value: $1,999

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Dream Habit

Bonus 2:

Dream Habit

Create consistent success habits without falling off the wagon (no willpower required).

Value: $499

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - The Organised Coach Checklist

Bonus 3:

The Organised Coach Checklist

Easy answers on everything from client contracts to invoicing.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Foolproof Pricing Formula

Bonus 4:

Foolproof Pricing Formula

Kiss guesswork goodbye and confidently price your services.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Full-Time Coach Calculator

Bonus 5:

Full-Time Coach Calculator

Easily calculate how much you need to make to go full-time (tax included).

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Fully Booked Checklist

Bonus 6:

Fully Booked Checklist

Know what fully booked looks like so you don’t take on too many clients.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Sales Page Template

Bonus 7:

Simple Sales Page Template

Create a sales page that will make your offer sell itself without being slimy.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphic - Email Templates

Bonus 8:

Email Template Library For Coaches

Confidently respond to any enquiry without staring at a blinking cursor.

Value: $199

Full-Time Coach - Graphics - Professional Email Address (1)

Bonus 9:

Create A Professional Email Address

Look professional with this easy step-by-step tutorial to create a custom email address for your website.

Value: $99

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PGSD student transformations...


Jenna, USA

“If I could add more than 5 stars I would, in a heart beat! Though there will never be enough space for the amount of stars needed to demonstrate how real the change has been since I committed to PGSD!”


Kimberly, Canada

“I often gave up on any project I couldn’t do perfectly, but after joining PGSD, I have created a successful business I love!”


Maggie, Canada

“Working through the [PGSD] courses, connecting with like-minded people in the [PGSD] forum…helped me overcome my perfectionist mindset!”


Kristen, USA

“I spent LOTS of time and energy learning (procrasti-learning) and researching and waiting… and not taking any real action. I lacked the courage to try without knowing how things would turn out. PGSD has given me courage in so many areas of my life. And after 55 years of trying to do it alone, I’m beyond grateful for this community and the incredible support you all provide!”

PGSD - Member Photo - Megan Bautista - September 2021 - Raw

Megan,Β  Australia

“One courageous thing PGSD helped me do is to actually put my coaching services out into the real world! I was so scared to promote my business and find paid clients because I didn’t have confidence in my abilities or that anyone would want to work with me. I have been chipping away at this week by week and have now launched several Facebook campaigns and started posting again on social media! I’m excited to take more on action on my business and find these clients πŸ˜„”

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